Episode 5 – There are No Do-Overs in Retirement

Have you ever started a project and then realized (probably after some denial), that you want to start over? Maybe you’re working on a painting, and it just isn’t looking how you’d envisioned. You decide it’s time to paint over it and try again.

It’s frustrating when projects don’t go as planned– so much so, that we can take for granted our option to begin again.

When it comes to retirement, there are situations where you can’t hit the rewind button. For example,  if you had 30 to 40 years worth of assets in the market when it crashed in 2008, then that was it. There were no do-overs. When it comes to having a happy and worry-free retirement, planning ahead is key.

The biggest way to reduce the need for a do-over is to have a plan in place.  Learn the strategies to set you up for success in this podcast.