Monthly Archives: May 2018

Episode 13 – President Trump’s New Tax Plan

Would you like to set up a tax plan that could help you pay less in taxes? The tax law changes are fairly simple once you understand the rules of the game. While these changes are temporary, there are ways to save and opportunities to take advantage of now.

Learn more in this podcast as I review President Trump’s Tax new tax law and discuss how you may be able to pay less in taxes.


Episode 12 – Retirement Should Be A Waltz Not a Tango

Does your dance towards retirement look like a graceful waltz or a fast-paced tango? We want your planning to go smoothly and have structure, like the waltz! In this episode, Jim Black shares what he learned when he took ballroom dancing during college, and how he now applies those principles to retirement planning.

Listen in as Jim explains how Absolute Return Solutions can help you waltz your way to a happy retirement!


Episode 11 – How Do You Play Catch Up If You Need To?

Do you need to play catch up when it comes to retirement planning? Whether you’re approaching retirement or already retired, Jim has financial strategies you can use to steer your retirement in the right direction.

Learn more about how to play catch up in this podcast: