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Episode 23 – Are You Too Emotionally Attached to Your Stocks?

Why are people so passionate about holding onto certain stocks?

In today’s episode, Jim Black explores the emotional side of investing and the risks that come with becoming too attached to your stocks.Investing in stocks can be a great way to accumulate the income you need and want for the rest of your life. But if you become too emotionally connected to your stocks, you could lose sight of their purpose and risk losing your happily ever after.

Tune in and learn about the two types of emotional attachments that Jim observes with clients, why these attachments are concerning, and the questions we all need to ask ourselves about the stocks we own.

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Episode 22 –  Part Two: Financial Planning Process

Jim Black is back with part two of his mini-series: The Financial Planning Process. In part one, Jim outlined the technical aspects of the planning process, but part two is all about the emotional facets.

Jim has retired hundreds and hundreds of clients, so in a way, he has retired at least 200 times.

Tune in as he describes what it’s like to help clients reach that finish line and retire. Jim also covers the emotional-based questions he asks clients to help them prepare for retirement, explains how financial planning has changed for the sandwich generation, and shares his secrets to staying motivated.

Listen in and learn about Jim Black’s strategies for helping clients live their happily ever after in retirement.

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