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Episode 25 – Meet The Retirement Solution Family with COO Carin Sevigny

When you work with The Retirement Solution, you work with an entire family. Given their all-hands-on-deck approach, it seems only natural for The Retirement Solution to shine a spotlight on their amazing team members.

Today you will meet Carin Sevigny, The Retirement Solution’s chief operating officer. Carin shares how she came to work for The Retirement Solution and what her role as COO entails.

Here’s what you will learn about in this episode:

    • Carin’s passion for helping others to learn and grow


    • How and why Carin left the hospitality industry to working in the finance industry


    • Why she clicked with President and CEO Jim Black’s mandate right away


    • Details about her plans to become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™


    • Carin’s definition of success


    • Carin’s greatest accomplishment


    And more!

Tune in now to meet Carin and learn about the role she plays in helping clients’ retirement dreams come true.

Resources: The Retirement Solution Inc. | Carin Sevigny’s Bio


Episode 24 – How to Avoid Outliving Your Money

With the advancement of technology and medicine, we’re now living longer than ever. As you plan out your life, are you considering how long you might actually live? Most people aren’t considering their own longevity.

In this episode, Jim Black discusses longevity risk: the risk of outliving your money. From long-term medical expenses to recessions and rising taxes, Jim outlines some of the factors you should be considering in case you live longer than expected.

Listen now as Jim explains how you can properly plan for longevity risk, so you can feel confident that living a long, healthy life won’t break the bank.

Resources: The Retirement Solution Inc.