Episode 30 – Meet the Retirement Solution Family — with Associate Planner, Matt Perrone

Sometimes, visiting a financial planner can feel like seeing a doctor who’s only looking to prescribe a standard fix for your problems. At The Retirement Solution, associate planner Matt Perrone likes to bring a more warm-hearted approach to clients, and dig a little deeper into their personal needs.

Today, Matt shares more about who he is and why he’s passionate about his job, discussing:

    • His favorite part of his job at The Retirement Solution


    • His personal, historical and fictional heroes


    • His proudest achievement


    • What he would do if he became a millionaire


    • The book he recommends to friends, family and clients


    And more!

Tune in now and get to know Matt and why he’s such a valuable member of The Retirement Solution family!

Resources:  The Retirement Solution Inc. | Matt Perrone’s Bio