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102. End of The Year Tax Planning With Shane Perry

According to the IRS, about 75% of taxpayers take the standard deduction, but could be missing out on valuable tax deductions if they can itemize.

In this episode, Shane Perry is here to share with you all the key details about year-end tax planning. Shane shares basic things you can do to help yourself from a tax standpoint, how you can help offset your income at the end of the year and more.

Time Critical Items for End of Year Tax Planning:

  • December 31st Deadline Items
  • Act Now to Save Taxes
  • How to save money by reducing your taxes
  • New Tax Law Legislation to Consider
  • Last Minute Tax Deductions
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Shane Perry received his Bachelor of Science in Financial Planning and Advising from Purdue University. In addition, he studied Economics with emphasis on investment mathematics, accounting, estate planning, statistics, and tax law.

At the beginning of 2014, Shane joined The Retirement Solution as a Client Manager with the motivation and commitment to represent a client’s needs above all else. In 2019, Shane changed his title to Associate Planner. Seeking to build on his passion to further help people transition smoothly into retirement with the knowledge and confidence of a solid income plan, Shane was promoted to Financial Planner status in June 2020. Building strong relationships and watching his clients achieve and sustain their retirement hopes and dreams is what inspires Shane’s work to thrive every day.

101. Portfolio Review Analysis With Cindy Mueller

The end of the year means it’s time for clients’ portfolio reviews. That means it’s time to ensure that you’re still meeting your goals, and checking your risk tolerance.

In this episode, join Cindy Mueller as she explains her analysis of portfolio reviews. Cindy walks us through what a balanced portfolio is, the biggest red flags she spots in portfolios, and how taxes are affected in an investment portfolio.

Cindy discusses:

  • What a portfolio review means
  • What a balanced portfolio is
  • What some of the red flags are when looking at someone’s portfolio
  • How are taxes affected by an investment portfolio
  • And more

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About Cindy:

Cindy joined The Retirement Solution in 2008 with a commitment to delivering sound principles of financial management. She offers clients professional counsel in personal finance, investment advisory services, estate planning, and retirement planning.

Cindy grew up in Camas, Washington and holds a BA in Finance from Washington State University. Following graduation, Cindy was accepted into Washington Mutual’s two year management training program where she spent 12 years in various financial roles. In addition to raising her three bustling children, Cindy was active in the Bellevue School District for multiple years as PTSA President, Treasurer, and Auction Chair, earning Volunteer of the Year and the Golden Acorn Award, which is awarded for outstanding service to youth in the community. Additionally, Cindy was awarded the Interlake High School Booster Award.