103. Why You Should Be Talking About Death and Taxes With Travis Johnson

It’s a difficult situation for anyone when your spouse passes away, and you’re suddenly on a deadline with the IRS to make plenty of financial decisions right away.

In this episode, Travis Johnson is here to speak about why it’s important to talk about death and taxes. Travis explains the tax deadline an individual is subjected to when their partner passes away, and how to deal with the deadline. Plus, key ways The Retirement Solution helps clients deal with organizing their particular situation.

Travis discusses:

  • What you need to know about death and taxes
  • How The Retirement Solution helps clients in particular situations
  • Why you should have passwords to important accounts documented
  • How to deal with suddenly needing to pay taxes to the IRS
  • And more

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About Our Guest:

Travis Johnson was raised in Redmond, Washington where he continues to reside. Subsequent to high school, he earned a degree in Business Administration at the University of Washington, graduating with a minor in Policy Studies and prestigious Cum Laude honors.

In 2015, he began his financial career at Bank of America, first as a Relationship Manager in Sammamish before his promotion to Financial Advisor at Merrill Lynch in Bellevue. In both roles, Travis enjoyed assisting clients in their pursuit of their goals, while educating them on options and strategic financial solutions that would enhance their ability to achieve their dreams. His passion to work with clients in the realization of their retirement dreams, both holistically and dynamically, is what ultimately spurred the transition to TRS in November of 2019.

Outside of the office, Travis can be found volunteering with his local Kiwanis group, reading novels, enjoying his two energetic dogs, and either discovering the newest restaurant trend or creating a memorable new recipe with his family.